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 beginning this week Resonance Records welcomes eric talbert to our team. eric will be handling radio promotion and many of you will be hearing from eric directly in the coming days.? some of you may rememeber eric from his stints with MoJazz, Windham Hill Jazz and Hidden Beach Records. eric can be reached @ Resonance at 323-556-0500 X 205. also via:

eric at resonancerecords.org.


ricky schultz

?This week's sponsor:  Resonance Records    GOING FOR ADDS NOW:    Resonance Records has re-serviced MIKE GARSON's CONVERSATIONS WITH MY FAMILY [   ****1/2 Downbeat '' A glowing achievement''] stickered with some fine jazz   tracks. This is our first official solicitation for adds (due to  Reference   Recordings having a title out in the spring which we did not want to create any   conflict with).   GARSON is a piano and keyboard wizard, who has worked with   Stan Getz, Stanley Clarke, his band Freeflight and many others. There are some   gorgeous tracks ready for airplay.  As a bonus, the DVD features Peter Erskine   and the sadly, late great LA bass player, Dave Carpenter + a preview of   Resonance artist Lori Bell on flute.    Resonance has just released Pittsburgh native CATHY ROCCO's debut YOU'RE GONNA   HEAR FROM ME. Check out her take on ''Autumn Leaves'', ''Come Rain or Shine''   and ''Give Me One Reason'' (with a guest turn on organ from John Beasley).     ROCCO is not some newbie-want-to-be a-jazz-singer.  ''She is a formidable   swinger'' Will Friedwald, New York Sun, from the liner notes, which are worth a   read.  Cathy is supported by Tamir Hendelman on piano, Dave Carpenter on bass   and Vic Stevens on drums.  CATHY ROCCO has a big voice and a keen sense of   drama.    watch for:  Christian Howes with Roger Kellaway ''Heartfelt''  Toninho Horta: ''To Jobim With Love    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                                                   WNMC 90.7 FM                                          1701 E Front St                                     Traverse City MI  49686-3061                                    Afternoon Jazz for Friday  September 5th 2008                                         Biz Bisard, host                                                         2 PM            JAMES MCMURTRY        Ruins of the Realm        "Just Us Kids"        (Lightning Rod/www.jamesmcmurtry.com)          WILLIE MARTINEZ LA FAMILIA SEXTET        Willie's Blues        "After Winter, Spring"        (Cuc

h Be Witcha/www.williemartinez.com)          MATT ULERY'S LOOM        Constant        "Music Box Ballerina"        (Woolgathering Music/www.mattulery.com)                                               BREAK    new - TAKE 6        Sweet Georgia Brown        "The Standard"        (Heads Up/CMG/www.take6.com)    new - KATE REID        Out of this World        "Sentimental Mood"        (www.katereidmusic.com)          CONVERGENCE        At the Hey! Cafe        "I Can Be There"        (Capri)                                              BREAK          LIZ MANDEVILLE        Dog No More        "Red Top"        (Earwig Music)          THE MOONDOGGIES        Old Hound        "Don't Be a Stranger"        (Hardly Art)          ERIKA OVETTE & RUBY HAYES        Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out        "Sassy & Bessie A-Live at the Paradise Lounge"        (Patuxent Music)          JOHN COLIANI QUINTET        Schwing Meister        "Johnny Chops"        (Patuxent Music)          WILLIE "THE LION" SMITH & DON EWELL        Here Comes the Band        "Stride Piano Duets"        (Delmark)                                                  3 PM      new - FRANK DERRICK        My Fair Lady        "The Beat Goes On"        (Jazzed Media)    new - FIVE PLAY        Groove Merchant        "What the World Needs MNow"        (Arbors Jazz)                                              BREAK    new - KENNY GARRETT feat. PHAROAH SANDERS        Happy People        "Sketches of MD"        (Mack Avenue)    new - DANILO PEREZ        If I Forget You        "Across the Crystal Sea"        (Emarcy/Decca/UMG)                                              pause          AMOS LEE        Street Corner Preacher        "Last Days at the Lodge"        (Blue Note/EMI)          GREG CHAKO        Blues for Redd        "Everybody's Got a Name"        (www.gregchako.com)    new - JOE LOCKE        Like Joe        "Force of Four"        (Origin)          ANNA ESTRADA        Influencia do Jazz        "Sonando Vuelos"        (Ferel Flight)                     

                              4 PM            BOBBY VINCE PAUNETTO        Heavy on the Bacon        "Paunetto's Point"        (RSVP)          LLUIS COLOMA w/ FRANK MUSCHALLE        Honky Tonk Blues        "Boogie Portraits"        (Fresh Sound)          LARRY VUCKOVICH TRIO        Afro 6/8 Minor Blues        "High Wall"        (Tetrachord)                                              BREAK          PAT WICTOR        Thick-Skinned Blues        "Sunset Waltz"        (Risky Disk/www.patwictor.com)          KITTY DONOHOE        Kid with a Gun        "Northern Border"        (Roheen/www.kittydonohoe.com)    new - TAKE 6        A Tisket A Tasket        "The Standard"        (Heads Up/CMG/www.take6.com)    new - FRANK DERRICK        Caravan        "The Beat Goes On"        (Jazzed Media)          KENNY BARRON        Calypso        "The Traveler"        (Sunnyside)                                              BREAK          ROY ZIMMERMAN        I Approve this Message        "Thanks for the Support"        (Metaphor)          SCOTT MARTIN LATIN SOUL BAND        Jello on Springs        "Organic Voodoo Juice"        (SCM/www.LatinSoulJazz.com)    new - FRANK CATALANO        Funky Dunky        "Bang!"        (Savoy Jazz)    --    Jazz Programmers' Mailing List: jazzproglist at jazzweek.com  List information: http://lists.jazzweek.com/mailman/listinfo/jazzproglist  List archive: http://lists.jazzweek.com/pipermail/jazzproglist/  Sponsorship information: jplsponsor at jazzweek.com  


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