[JPL] Bheki Mseleku Dies

Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Fri Sep 12 16:44:29 EDT 2008

Arturo Gomez wrote:

> I remember sometime in the mid-90s when Bheki first recorded for Verve, it
> was either a Gavin or perhaps a Jazz Times convention when former Verve
> radio rep, Rachel Lewis? invited some of the radio panel to a performance by
> Bheki at a small cellar club in the Village and there was Mseleku playing
> the piano with a sax strapped on over his back, several times while comping
> he would bring the sax around to the front and start playing
> it.....nice!!!!!
> Arturo

I think it was Jazz Times. I never went to a Gavin convention.

If we are talking about the same night, I have often told the story of 
being in that club and Bheki started his set playing tenor off stage. He 
eventually came on stage, playing tenor. He moved to the piano while 
still playing tenor but he began to play chords and other embellishments 
on the piano while he was playing the tenor. It was a memorable set.

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