[JPL] trivia back atcha

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Jonah Jones it was, and it was a plump, teen-aged Billie Holiday who sang 
"Saddest Tale" in Symphony in Black.

Who was the Hollywood icon who appeared with Duke (together on screen) in a 
1934 film in which they perform My Old Flame and Memphis Blues?


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> Hmmmm....I think the knuckleheads Amos and Andy but not 100% sure for 
> "Check and Double Check." Also not sure who the spitballer was in Cab's 
> band. Cab did fire Diz though. Funny as hell. Got me on that one.
> One more for you..."Symphony In Black" release in 1935 featured this great 
> singer...in her first film appearance. Who was she?
> Jae

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