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KRossum at aol.com KRossum at aol.com
Wed Sep 17 11:33:58 EDT 2008

Greetings everyone here on the JPL. It's been a while since the JazzWeek  
Summit, and I'm finally getting my new CD - FAMILY out to the world. Neal and  
Matt (at New World 'N' Jazz) have done some outstanding promotional work on my  
past releases, and I will always be in their debt. I hope to use them again on 
 future projects. But for this current release, I'm trying to spread the word 
 myself. (Wish me luck!)
The CD - FAMILY is currently going for adds, and I'd be grateful if you  
would take a few minutes to check it out. Here are some recommended tracks for  
Track 3) Mr. Blueberry [3:38]
Track 9) After The Snow [5:58]
Track 1 Family [7:34]
If you haven't been serviced yet, or would be interested in multiple copies  
(promos, giveaways) please contact me at:
_KRossum at aol.com_ (mailto:KRossum at aol.com) 
For more information about the new CD - FAMILY, and for more  information 
about my music, please visit:
_www.krossum.com_ (http://www.krossum.com) 
Thank you all for supporting independent Jazz  releases!
Kelly Rossum, Jazz  Musician 

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