[JPL] Programming ? answer thanks plus

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Wed Sep 17 12:41:44 EDT 2008

I appreciate the replies to my question about average amount of track played
by hour during week days day parts. It's just what I had thought them to be,
about 8-10. We average 9 tracks per hour fairly consistently with ocassional
7, 8 or 10 tracks, most tracks are 6-7 mins with an ocassional 8 min track
and   4-5 min trax in the mix as well.

We are currently re-designing our day part clock for weekdays to "freshen"
our sound, we are now beginning to have designated music categories-with the
on-air host choosing which track to fit in that style and with a bit of
variance on odd/even hours. We are desiring a more balanced and consistent
sound shift to shift so a listener tuning in the morning will hear the same
balance as in the afternoon. We have programmed a classic song coming out of
the top of the hour NPR headline news. 3 currents, 2 vocals(pref 1 male, 1
female), 1 Latin/Brasilian, another classic and a choice/spice track each
hour, again,
the order changed for odd/even hours. We also have scheduled 2 flying
IDs/artist drops an hour. Eaxh hour we have 1 short stop set and 2 "regular
length" stop sets to handle our business of underwriting, PSAs and show

No matter which Quiznos Subs (a Denver based chain, I live 3 blocks from the
original location still going strong)one goes to around the country, you
know what you will get, we're looking for the same standardization but
without dictating tracks to play nor selling out creativity or personality.

Evenings and weekend shifts have more open ended sound with longer and more
adventurous tracks being played


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