[JPL] Value in Posting Play Lists

POWDERSPAM at aol.com POWDERSPAM at aol.com
Wed Sep 17 15:12:11 EDT 2008

<<Jae, you and Bobby represent my exact thoughts regarding the  value of the 
JPL for REAL discussion items.  I do know how to hit the  DELETE key and I 
also know how to send my playlist to promotional contacts and  not overload the 
JPL with self-serving posts.  This is a very valuable  source and we need to 
use it wisely so that we don't end up losing it for all of  us.  ALOHA  Tom>>
is there  an actual problem here with losing the JPL due to people posting  
their playlists as you're implying? if the playlists are valuable to  people, 
and clearly they are to some, then they're not self-serving. 
-david  avery

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