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Tom Reney tr at wfcr.org
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What is "self-serving" about posting playlists?  I send mine to JPL every day as well as to a free subscriber list of about 200 WFCR listeners who request them.

For our classical and jazz playlists, and for our website, we provide links to web pages related to our programming; these range from concert listings to newspaper and magazine articles of topical interest to the websites of various artists and jazz organizations.  Listeners seem especially appreciative of this service.


I enjoy looking at others' playlists, particularly those in which sets of music are delineated; of shows that integrate older material with new; and that mark milestones and other historically significant matters.  Albeit, a litany of new releases is of little interest.  I hear, usually off-list, from other programmers, some of whom are spurred to write based on what I program. I should think that for newcomers to the practice, playlists would be a helpful guide for learning how good jazz programs are put together.  


I hear from a lot of musicians, label reps, and promoters who see on JPL that I'm playing (or not playing) their music-- this strikes me as positively valid and useful, not to mention efficient.  In many respects, playlists are the most valuable information that we share on this list.


Were there some extenuating circumstance that made the posting of playlists a waste of JPL's resources, I might understand the concern.  But what's been expressed so far today seems driven by personal annoyance, not an actual need or problem for the list itself.  And I'd only be stating the obvious to point out that we're only a mouse click away from the delete key.   


If, on the other hand, the frustration is over the lack of other kinds of useful content on JPL, I can only say, start writing!

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