[JPL] Posting Playlists

Bill Barton seekandlisten at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 06:12:59 EDT 2008

When I first joined this listserv I was under the impression that it was/is
a "two way street."  In other words, not only radio folks read it but also
record company folks, independent promotion folks and musicians.  It seems
to me that posting playlists is a perfectly valid use.  I know that direct
servicing of CD review copies  has mushroomed since I started posting my
weekly lists here.  Thank you to everyone concerned!

My situation may be a bit different than many programmers who post lists.
I am "only" a volunteer at KBCS Bellevue-Seatle 91.3 FM (www.kbcs.fm) doing
a weekly two-hour show.  It was due to a tip from Lazaro Vega on the
Organissimo discussion forum that I discovered the JPL in the first place.
Thanks, Laz!  I do not speak for KBCS nor am I in charge of anything there.
It was on my own initiative that I began posting lists for my programs at
JPL.  Exposure for the show itself and for KBCS were among my motives, as
well as making contacts for my writing.

If only radio programmers read the messages I can perhaps see the negative
side to posting lists, but I know from experience that "the other side" of
the business  is well-represented.  And if I were John Bishop at Origin, or
Kate Smith, or Tom Marcello, it seems to me that I'd rather peruse a digest
of lists like we have here rather than sift through tons of e-mails or
hard-copy mailings of playlists from programmers around the country and
around the world.  No?

And personally I find it rather entertaining to browse through what other
programmers are playing.

My two cents...

Bright Moments,

Bill Barton
host*:* *Bright Moments* KBCS
contributor*: CODA* magazine *& Signal to Noise     *

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