[JPL] Steve Turre

Bradley M. Stone bstone at science.sjsu.edu
Thu Sep 18 07:17:36 EDT 2008

Arturo, et al,

Interestingly I remember us attending a record release party for Babatunde Lea a couple of years ago at Yoshi's, and Veronica (of Mexican descent) had a conversation with Steve about the pronunciation of his name - he told her that he found it amusing that everyone pronounced his name as Too-ray, when in fact it should be more as you described, too-reh.

Aloha,  Brad

In the USA, even among Latinos uggggh Hispanics if you prefer it's
pronounced as Steve says it too- ray, however in Spanish speaking countries
or by Spanish dominant speakers his surname would be said with a soft e as
in Bey, too reh with a rollling r sound, not with second syllable emphasis
common is Spanish surnames pronounciation by non-Spanish speakers, remember
its PER ez, not Pe REZ, GO mez, not Go MEZ.

I am happy that Steve, like Brian Lynch, Sebastian Whitaker, Maria Muldaur,
Pedro Martínez, Cat Anderson, Billy Daniels, Barry White and a few other
minor names of music all share September 12th birthdates with yours truly.



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