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A classic jazz track at the top of every hour and 2 or 3 vocals within the 
hour - is that pretty much the rule of thumb for jazz as far as the industry 
standard goes? Just asking because I simply don't know myself. I have a 
vocal hour between 8PM and 9PM but I'm wondering if I need to mix more 
vocals in during the other hours.

Also, what about coming into a stopset - any pointers? I have been saying 
"when we come back" - maybe unfortunate- and then frontselling the next 
selection or artist.

Mark Dove
"Sounds of Jazz"
"Cafe Jazz"
Eclectic 89.1 WBCX
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> What Arturo mentioned about clocks is pretty standard fare as an 
> alternative
> to TOTAL control for a music director. Especially since software has made 
> it
> easy to access a category and pull up another artist or tune.  A clock 
> with
> categories is standard for structuring an hour of music in radio. 
> Although
> people don't listen in hour sets, that is the usual game plan.  Like
> baseball has 9 innings top and bottom, radio has hours with top and 
> bottom,
> but don't say that on air- *see pet peeves below.
> Starting the hour is usually a classic, with 2 or 3 vocals within an hour
> and anywhere from 2 to 6 new releases an hour depending on your stations'
> general philosophy about what jazz they are presenting. For example two 
> very
> different clocks would be BH Hudson's in Carolina and Nic Francis' in
> Washington as they have totally different philosophies of jazz and radio.
> There was a great presentation at the JPL Summit a few years back about
> creating a music radio sandwich done by someone with years of experience 
> in
> commercial radio.  I'd like to hear that one again.
> It sounds like the announcers had a lot of leeway at kuvo which creates a
> pretty inconsistent overall sound even if they were programming the whole
> show from the MDs library picks.  Then when someone jumps in their car and
> hits the button, something totally unexpected would be on their favorite
> station, listeners like consistency with a little surprise, but not too 
> far
> off their comfort zone.
> I have been doing a clock and playlist at KJZZ for 15 years.  I create the
> clock and categories and choose what goes into Selector, our music 
> software,
> to be played.  Although Selector prints out a structured show for the
> announcer, they can change things within the category, or juggle things,
> switch Diana Krall FROM this hour and Ella TO this hour from the next, or
> use an entirely different vocalist.  This is especially handy if we want 
> to
> feature someone who was just in the news or on a show, or is performing in
> Phoenix.  Plus there is so much music and so many areas of jazz, I really
> appreciate the input of my knowledgeable announcers, especially as they 
> keep
> up with TV things and films.
> One of the problems with this is reminding the announcers they NEED to 
> stay
> in the category, as over years they think they know everything.  While I
> find many good jazz announcers can know a GREAT deal about the music, they
> are not as well informed about what makes good broadcasting, so I still 
> have
> to play the bad guy.
> People are often resistant at first to new systems, especially since it 
> may
> mean more control but usually they find the categories and software 
> helpful
> after they get used to using it.  Some dinosaurs refuse to evolve at all,
> (see announcers know everything above) but I believe every business has 
> this
> issue.
> *But here is something totally unrelated.  I thought I'd add my pet
> announcing peeve.
> Ok, two,
> 1.  "Top of the hour", NEVER SAY THAT, EVER!! It went out in 1850, ok 
> maybe
> if you are Irish, but I think that's "top o' the mornin'"
> 2.  The royal "we", unless you have your dog on air with you.
> Ok, I'm better now,  MDs and PDs what is your pet peeve for announcing?
> Blaise Lantana
> Music Director
> KJZZ Phoenix
> Kjzz.org
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