[JPL] Announcing and Clocks

Peter Solomon psolomon at ideastations.org
Fri Sep 19 00:05:30 EDT 2008

My two zlotys - 
The most memorable tease I ever heard was on "Love Lines" a pretty awful
show with Adam Corolla . Anay, he said somethig like "Ralph is 15 and
likes to burn himself. We'll find out why in just a moment..." I had to
stay tuned to find out more about that. 
I had a teacher at my college radio station who told me to transcribe my
breaks off my aircheck. Even "Hello my name is ____." Then she had me
cross out all of the unnecessary words and the awkwardly constructed
phrases that I would never use in conversation. It was a helpful exercise.
The other thing she tod our class to do was to find someone who you
respect to sit down and critique your aircheck. 
Another thing to listen for is tone of voice - sing-songiness and
"anouncing" instead of conversing. 
This might dound obvious but I think it's good to think about show prep -
a little time in advance of being on the air can give you good material
for teasers.
As far as transitional phrases, I think they are ofteb unnecessary. If you
tell someone Dizzy Gillespie is coming up next on WCVE-FM," why notlaunch
into the promo without saying "Stay tuned?" - it's redundant. You could
just eliminate the extraneous phrase and the sentence would still make
sense. At places where the dj's are told to keep their breaks to one
minute or less, stuff like that makes a difference. 
Peter Solomon 

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