[JPL] Playlists / Programming

markrobbo markrobbo at clear.net.nz
Fri Sep 19 01:52:41 EDT 2008

Kia Ora,

I have been posting to this list for a couple of years but
admit I have been guilty of not engaging in too many

I always place PLAYLISTS in the subject line but have
recently started adding 'Release of the Week" at the end of
my playlists for anyone that might be interested in new
releases that i am highlighting down here in New Zealand.

Being so far away, and the only radio programmer posting
from NZ, I find it extreamly intersting to hear what you
guys are playing in the US and across the world and actually
take my queue to a large extent from your playlists. Whilst
it is true to say that the internet opens up possibilities
for downloading content I do not get serviced too many cds
and have to rely on purchasing from my own pocket.

Having said that because of my playlist entries on this site
I have struck up rewarding friendships with Kate Smith, Lisa
Reedy and John at Origin.

Again because of my distance from the US and Europe I find
it hard to comment on some of the main discussion points
raised on the list but find it an amazing source of

I very strongly believe that by doing what i am doing with a
weekly 2 hour radio show and a 24 / 7 100% jazz internet
station I am helping to keep this music alive.

Thanks all for listening/reading and co-responding with me -
without wishing to sound too "coy" it makes me feel part of
a large jazz community.



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