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But here  is something totally unrelated.  I thought I'd add my pet
announcing  peeve.
Ok, two, 
1.  "Top of the hour", NEVER SAY THAT, EVER!! It  went out in 1850, ok maybe
if you are Irish, but I think that's "top o' the  mornin'" 
2.  The royal "we", unless you have your dog on air with  you. >
I guess we'll have to differ on number two.  Nothing drives me crazier  than 
the big "I."    We used to have an overnight announcer who  used it.  "I'm 
going to feature this...I'm going to play that for  you..."I'm have a new 
recording...I..I...I...I"    ARGGHH!!!   You represent your station when you talk, 
not you.  
My fave comes from sports announcer Brent Musberger.  He loves to say  "We've 
reached the top of the hour here in Columbus...or Ann Arbor...or South  
Bend."  So what time it is in Chicago or LA, Brent- 20 minutes past or  perhaps ten 
until the top?
Dan Polletta

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