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my apologies - I didn't mean to send my note to the entire list~
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From: Carol Sudhalter  <carolsudhalter at hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 20:20:48  -0400

I'm writing with sad news. My brother Richard is in  the hospital and they
have begun palliative care. He is not expected to  live much longer. The
disease he has, caused aspiration of food into his  lungs, and over time
this created an inflammatory situation which also put  pressure on his
heart. He is receiving morphine, oxygen and a couple of  medicines for the
fluid in his lungs, to make him more  comfortable.

His daughters Adrian and Kimberley, and my brother  Jim, will all be here
in town tomorrow. Dorothy and Daryl are by his side  most of the time.

He was still aware of his surroundings when I  left the hospital around
noon today. I'll be dropping back in later  tonight.

He can have visitors at any time, if anyone  reading this feels they
want to go in and say a farewell. He can't talk or  even move but, as I say,
he is aware of his surroundings.

The  hospital is New York Presbytarian, and it's located on York Ave at
68th  St., Manhattan.

Sorry if you already know this, or if  you're not someone who wanted to
know. I just picked out some names from my  hotmail address book. Feel free
to tell others. My head is not very  straight right now, for obvious
reasons..in fact I'm pretty spaced...so I'm  just doing the most useful
things I can think of.

Carol  Sudhalter
718 278 5331
cell 917 667 5331


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