[JPL] Announcing and Clocks

Lazaro Vega wblv.wblu.fm at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 13:13:25 EDT 2008

Whatever road is taken the music is the message and it is up to us to
deliver the more than 100 years of African-American musical
development and evolution, from the 78 rpm era to the present. This
isn't a "know it all" "look at me" type of thing, it is an aesthetic
thing. Leaving it for the classroom, for personal lessons, does not
have the cultural punch as programming the entire musical spectrum in
the mass media.

To put such a continuum on the air, to present jazz and experimental
African American music as a unified musical continuum celebrating
itself, is how broadcasting steps in behind to push, to help and not
divide by "comfort level" or any other arbitrary limit. The music
comes first -- all of it. How we deal with it is what defines "jazz
radio" to jazz musicians, who already know what jazz is, how long it's
been around, how is made and how it has "come down" to us through time
and what the great recordings are. The audience for jazz is broader
age wise, race wise and ideologically than any "marketing" model can
reflect. I'm not looking to the business community for help in this

In fact, the "business community" lobbied congress to place in the
DMCA of 1996 the rule prohibiting a station streaming on the web from
front selling music.


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