[JPL] Programming guidelines

jctrane at gmail.com jctrane at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 13:14:18 EDT 2008

I have found the recent discussion of programming strategies very
interesting reading. That is, programming an hour of music using
'formulas' such as X number of vocals, X number of classic
tunes/artist, etc. My question to all: What are the BASES for
developing these guidelines?
Is there any controlled research out there concerning the
'effectiveness' of these formulas in terms of increased listenership,
decreased program tune-out, or other measureable criteria? Or are
programming folks using their own sensitivities (as listeners) in
structuring music sets? Understand, i am not attempting to belittle
programmers' artistic sensibilities and in fact, use my own experience
as a listener in structuring my show.  Just wonderin'...
    Gene Abkarian  KRFC

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