[JPL] Distribution through Cdbaby

Lloyd Townsend, Jr. jazz at imaginaryrecords.com
Fri Sep 19 13:18:34 EDT 2008

Hey, gang:

Just going through some older mail, and ran across this one about new  
release listings -- so I thought I'd check to see what Imaginary  
Records (my own little label) had released since Jan 2000.

Nothing.  Nada.

Even though I've actually released a grand total of four titles in  
that time (I know, I'm flooding the market...).

Of course, since we have no real distribution (except what North  
Country offers), we're not likely to turn up in any release  
databases.  And that's going to be a problem with LOTS of tiny,  
independent releases.  Yes, I do send new release notices to a fairly  
long list, and review copies to a much longer list.  I'm pretty sure  
nearly all of you are on the list!

Heck, it's hard enough to get a new title listed on Amazon, without  
signing up as a "pro merchant" for $40/month.  I had to wait for some  
larger retailer -- selling a promo copy -- to get my latest release  
listed; Amazon somehow "deleted" the title from their database when I  
sent them the release info, and wouldn't change it when I wrote to  
inquire.  Yes, they actually told me the title had been DELETED!  If  
I sold anything through Amazon, it might be worth signing up as a  
"pro" -- but in three or four years as an Amazon (amateur) merchant,  
I've sold a grand total of ONE copy of ONE title in my catalog.

That title -- and most of the rest in my catalog -- ARE on CDbaby, by  
the way; listed by the artists themselves.

At least Muze (usually) gets my releases in their database.

Off the rantbox and back to going through the inbox...

Lloyd Townsend
Prop., Imaginary Records
jazz at imaginaryrecords.com

On Mar 22, 2008, at 7:02 AM, Jazz Promo Services wrote:

> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> BTW...If you want to get a good idea just what’s being released  
> here’s a
> good resource:
> http://www.narm.com/releases/
> You can sort by release date, genre, distributor, Label, Artist, etc.
> --

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