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Have you sent copies to JazzWeek to be shown on their Jazz Blast and to 
Mediaguide so they can be monitored?  ALOHA  Tom

Lloyd Townsend, Jr. wrote:
> This week's sponsor:  Resonance Records
> Resonance Records has re-serviced MIKE GARSON's CONVERSATIONS WITH MY 
> FAMILY [ ****1/2 Downbeat '' A glowing achievement''] stickered with 
> some fine jazz tracks. This is our first official solicitation for 
> adds (due to  Reference Recordings having a title out in the spring 
> which we did not want to create any conflict with).   GARSON is a 
> piano and keyboard wizard, who has worked with Stan Getz, Stanley 
> Clarke, his band Freeflight and many others. There are some gorgeous 
> tracks ready for airplay.  As a bonus, the DVD features Peter Erskine 
> and the sadly, late great LA bass player, Dave Carpenter + a preview 
> of Resonance artist Lori Bell on flute.
> Resonance has just released Pittsburgh native CATHY ROCCO's debut 
> YOU'RE GONNA HEAR FROM ME. Check out her take on ''Autumn Leaves'', 
> ''Come Rain or Shine'' and ''Give Me One Reason'' (with a guest turn 
> on organ from John Beasley).   ROCCO is not some newbie-want-to-be 
> a-jazz-singer.  ''She is a formidable swinger'' Will Friedwald, New 
> York Sun, from the liner notes, which are worth a read.  Cathy is 
> supported by Tamir Hendelman on piano, Dave Carpenter on bass and Vic 
> Stevens on drums.  CATHY ROCCO has a big voice and a keen sense of drama.
> Christian Howes with Roger Kellaway ''Heartfelt''
> Toninho Horta: ''To Jobim With Love
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Hey, gang:
> Just going through some older mail, and ran across this one about new 
> release listings -- so I thought I'd check to see what Imaginary 
> Records (my own little label) had released since Jan 2000.
> Nothing.  Nada.
> Even though I've actually released a grand total of four titles in 
> that time (I know, I'm flooding the market...).
> Of course, since we have no real distribution (except what North 
> Country offers), we're not likely to turn up in any release 
> databases.  And that's going to be a problem with LOTS of tiny, 
> independent releases.  Yes, I do send new release notices to a fairly 
> long list, and review copies to a much longer list.  I'm pretty sure 
> nearly all of you are on the list!
> Heck, it's hard enough to get a new title listed on Amazon, without 
> signing up as a "pro merchant" for $40/month.  I had to wait for some 
> larger retailer -- selling a promo copy -- to get my latest release 
> listed; Amazon somehow "deleted" the title from their database when I 
> sent them the release info, and wouldn't change it when I wrote to 
> inquire.  Yes, they actually told me the title had been DELETED!  If I 
> sold anything through Amazon, it might be worth signing up as a "pro" 
> -- but in three or four years as an Amazon (amateur) merchant, I've 
> sold a grand total of ONE copy of ONE title in my catalog.
> That title -- and most of the rest in my catalog -- ARE on CDbaby, by 
> the way; listed by the artists themselves.
> At least Muze (usually) gets my releases in their database.
> Off the rantbox and back to going through the inbox...
> Lloyd Townsend
> Prop., Imaginary Records
> jazz at imaginaryrecords.com
> On Mar 22, 2008, at 7:02 AM, Jazz Promo Services wrote:
>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>> BTW...If you want to get a good idea just what's being released here's a
>> good resource:
>> http://www.narm.com/releases/
>> You can sort by release date, genre, distributor, Label, Artist, etc.
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