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Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 19 16:33:37 EDT 2008

Bobby, here at WHRV and WHRO...NPR, Jazz, Alternative and classical...we use the OMT automation system. Not sure what the "O" stands for but the "MT" is MediaTouch. That is the company. In many ways because of the nature of our two station set up the software had to be re-designed to fit our formats. I would go further in saying that I think most automation systems are designed for commerical formats. One example would be the use of liner notes. Most in commerical radio as you know don't need them but we do. I haven't seen a system as it is that could load the liner info. I think there is now software that can be added to make this possible but we don't have it. Our traffic software is mainly in house through ProTrac. 

The OMT system has it's positives and negatives as any system for a public format would. Some negatives...

Any editing seems to take for ever. If you need to trim three seconds off the beginning of a voice track in the "Record Audio" file it will take about two minutes. Same with anything needing edited in the "Visual Editor." This will were you see your wave info from the song or voice track. 

If you have two or three computers that are logged in to MediaTouch there can't be two opened at the same time..on the same log. In other words if you need to work on todays log and someone else does too you can't be on at the same time. The other person can be on a different days log. You would be amazed at how often two or more need to be on the same days log. 

It doesn't seem to store MP3 files well...once your file storage category reaches about 2500 tracks. We just found this out recently. The files started to become corrupt at that point and as the log would play and it got to the corrupted track...it would skip over it...consequently throwing your log time off.

If you have songs that continue into the next track without interuption the software will have a little blip. This isn't so common with what we do but classical programming does. It's a major issue there because of "movements." 

Some Positives...

You have multible storage categories for loading music and you can separate sytles and such. I have one for vocal jazz...holiday jazz...R&B...etc...

Hard starts. These can be inserted where ever you absolutely need the next program to start. Common.

Voice tracking can be set up to do from the studio board or your production room. This could be important.  

Storage capacity is large so no problem there and can handle your library with not problem... until we discovered the MP3 situation and we've transferred those files to MP2 categories.

while editing in some areas can be slow there are many things the system permits you do to.

Just a bit of info on our system. I would say it works fine...now for us. Out old system was the Scott. That started giving us problems and I've heard they have since upgraded and it's very nice but I haven't played with the new one. 

Jae Sinnett  



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