[JPL] Sunday Jazz Trivia

jsimna at wclv.com jsimna at wclv.com
Sun Sep 21 19:15:23 EDT 2008

Jae asked:
> Do you remember...is it James Morrison? Or something close to that where
> he played all the horns in the big band and overdubbed himself. I think
> Ray Brown was on one of his recordings. Now that was ridiculous. Whatever
> happened to him?

A friend recently sent a youtube commection - look for James Morrison and
the Black Dyke Mills Band - it's one of the great British Brass Bands. 
James starts off with a cadenza on Things Ain't What They Used to Be on
trombone.  The band plays a bit and the bass player solos, then James come
back with trombone in left hand and trumpet in right.  The trombone is
atenor with an F-attachement, enabling him to play in the upper register
without using the slide.  He trades phrases back and forth with himself,
as Clark Terry can do with trumpet and flugelhorn.

John Simna
jsimna at wclv.com

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