[JPL] Sunday Jazz Trivia

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Yes, it is James Morrison.  From the album "Snappy Doo", the tune 
entitled "Le Belleclaire Blues".  Ray Brown is in fact the bassist on 
the date.  James is still quite active, has appeared on some of the 
more recent Lalo Schifrin "Jazz meets the Symphony" recordings, at 
the Vail Jazz Party within the last few years and as a featured 
soloist with the Colorado Music Festival orchestra in Boulder.

James is pretty much a household name in Australia, has even had his 
own TV show there thus illustrating the difference between acceptance 
of jazz in the US versus elsewhere.  He's also hosted the in-flight 
jazz programming on Qantas Airways.

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>I think Eddie did Tom with the mouthpiece thing. Crazy really but 
>Eddie was always looking for something different.
>Do you remember...is it James Morrison? Or something close to that 
>where he played all the horns in the big band and overdubbed 
>himself. I think Ray Brown was on one of his recordings. Now that 
>was ridiculous. Whatever happened to him?
>Jae Sinnett

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