Re: [JPL] Are Bebo & Chucho Valdés 1st father-son to play & record at Village Vanguard?

Nou Dadoun nou.dadoun at
Sun Sep 21 20:57:23 EDT 2008

> While I have been listening to the amazing recording of Ramón "Bebo"
> Valdés-Live at Village Vanguard it occured to if it's the first time that a
> father-son or parent-child have played and recorded in the historic
> Vanguard. Has Ravi recorded and released an album from the Village
> Vanguard?
> Maybe as a sideman?
> Regardless of the trivia, the Bebo Valdés-Javier Colina(bass) duet album
> just out on Calle 54/Ariola is a thoroughly satisfying album, at 87 Bebo is
> playing better than ever. This October 9th Bebo will turn 90 years young,
> the same day as his son Jesús "Chucho" Valdés will celebrate his 67th year,
> how's that for destiny? Both were also born in the suburban town of Havana,
> Quivicán in the southern area of the Habana province.
> As a tribute to Bill Evans who recorded Waltz For Debby at the hallowed
> Village Vanguard, bebo closes out the CD with his rendition of the same.
> There is a fantastic new documentary on the life of señor Valdés, "Old Man
> Bebo" making the rounds of film festivals around the world, I am working on
> getting it to Denver ASAP.
> Arturo
> PS The fellows at Groov are working this limited availability import
> release.

Joshua Redman recorded Spirit of the Moment at the Vanguard and (at the very
least) Dewey recorded there with Keith Jarrett for Fort Yawuh (Fourth Way?),
any other Dewey recordings there?

The Bebo Valdes documentary is playing the Vancouver International Film
Festival in about a week and a half, wish I had that release to play on the


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