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> Wow...Bobby. That's an amazing story and any musician that doesn't play
> trumpet...or those that do would agree. Two weeks? I tried blowing a trumpet
> a while back and I thought my head was going to implode.
> Speaking of trumpet..this reminds me of an odd bit of history...are you or
> anyone else familiar with Bells Palsy? It's a facial type of paralysis and
> no definitive cause is known. I know of a few horn players that suffered
> from it. Saxophonists and trumpeters. I understand Donald Byrd had it for a
> while and I heard long ago that Diz may have dealt with it. Not sure if
> playing horn adds to the possibility of getting it and I was just curious.
> Just an interesting side bar to this discussion. Maybe if there are horn
> players here they can add to this. It's something that's intrigued me years
> ago when one of my best friends...saxophonist Abdu Salim...got it. We were
> playing together and one day he wakes up and one side of his face was
> hanging lower than the other side. The most bizarre thing indeed.
> Jae
> Jae Sinnett
> I had a palsy from a particularly bad bike accident almost 20 years ago
(helmetless), full recovery but I still have a very slight droop in my left
eye.  The explanation I had at the time was that the swelling pinched the
facial nerve; that's consistent with the explanation at wikipedia (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell's_palsy).  Apparently it's called Bell's
Palsy when there's no apparent cause ... N


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