[JPL] The Jazz Session #44: Adam Niewood

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Mon Sep 22 00:51:06 EDT 2008

THE JAZZ SESSION #44: ADAM NIEWOOD. Jason Crane interviews  
saxophonist Adam Niewood about his new 2-CD set, Epic Journey:  
Volumes I & II (Innova, 2008). Niewood is the son of famed woodwind  
player Gerry Niewood, but he has stepped firmly out of his father’s  
shadow with this new release, which features both composed and free- 
improvised music. Niewood’s writing skills are as strong as his  
playing, and the albums surprise and delight with repeated listening.  
In this interview, Niewood talks about the making of Epic Journey,  
the 90s scene in NYC, and his kindergarten-era tour with Simon &  
Garfunkel. Find out more at niewood.com.


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