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Hudson, B.H. bhhudson at NCCU.EDU
Mon Sep 22 08:29:24 EDT 2008

I've been using Powergold for several years and it is a very good piece of music scheduling software. the tech support from the company is also very helpful.

Music Master, I hear, is also very user friendly. All of the scheduling software does pretty much the same thing, so it gets down to which has the best interface for your automation software and users in the station.

It would be great for the reps to be at JazzWeek. Including some of the tech guys to offer classes on the ins and outs of certain functions. Powergold has a whole bunch of functions that I don't necessarily need, but I might use them if I knew more about them.

I have several shows programmed through Powergold, not just jazz. Interestingly, the 6am gospel hour on Sundays has the highest user rating for that show, which goes until noon with live announcers. 6a-7a: No announcer, all pre-programmed and only tweaked a little to omit duplicate artists.

I used to think pre-scheduling and automation was a bad idea, but having used Powergold for some time now and watching our jazz audience numbers triple, I have completely changed my mind and think it really makes for a better presentation of the music, in the long run. For those of you who have been at Jazz Week, you no doubt have heard me espouse the virtues.

BH Hudson
Music Director

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