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Nou Dadoun wrote:
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> Christian Howes with Roger Kellaway ''Heartfelt''
> Toninho Horta: ''To Jobim With Love
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>> Jae Sinnett wrote:
>>  Some jazz trivia for fun....
>>> 1. His seminal sessions in 1942 with Lester Young on tracks such as "Body
>>> and Soul," "Tea For Two" and "Indiana" proved he was a major jazz talent to
>>> the jazz world as an instrumentalist. He was also one of the first black
>>> jazz musicians to have his own "radio" show. Who was he?
>> Nat King Cole
>>  2. He led the BBC Dance Orchestra from the mid to late 30's after he moved
>>> to Europe from the states. Upon his return he was responsible for getting
>>> black musicians work in Hollywood studios and as an integral part of the
>>> Musicians Union Locals. Who was he?
>> Benny Carter
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>>  Jae Sinnett
> I knew that Benny Carter worked with other European bands but didn't know
> about his connection with the BBC Dance Orchestra; according to Grove though
> (which I only looked at *after* getting the answer) he was only a
> staff-arranger, did he in fact 'lead' the orchestra?  Do recordings exist?
> I have a couple of the Off-The-Air aircheck LPs featuring Benny Carter on
> the British label Spotlite but they're only American recordings from the
> 40's, one features Mary Lou Williams on piano though .. N

I have a 3 CD set on Affinity entitled Benny Carter, The Complete 
Recordings, 1930 - 1940 vol 1. Even though the set includes several 
London recording dates, nothing is listed as being by the BBC Orchestra.

Here is a segment from the informative notes by Alun Morgan that come 
with the set.

"In fact he remained with the Willie Lewis band until March 1936 when he 
received an offer to come to England. This had come about through the 
good offices of Leonard Feather, who knew of Benny's work through his 
records. (Benny was familiar with Feather's writings but the two had 
never met before 18th March when Leonard met Benny off the boat train in 
Victoria Station.) Thanks to both the recommendations of both Feather 
and Spike Hughes, Henry Hull, then leading the BBC Dance Orchestra 
agreed to employ Carter as a staff arranger. Benny's work permit 
prevented him from actually playing in public or broadcasting  with the 
Dance Orchestra (although special permission was given for one public 
concert later.) The permit also had to be renewed at intervals which 
meant that Benny had to leave the U.K. for a few months at a time and 
then re-enter, making a fresh application on each occasion.

Carter recalls that he would produce around six arrangements a week for 
Henry Hull; sometimes it would be two a day if one was simply a 
framework for a vocalist. Leonard Feather remembers it was only nine 
days after he and Carter met at Victoria Station that the BBC Dance 
Orchestra broadcast it's first arrangement by this brilliant visiting 

The work permit did not prevent Benny from making records in Britain and 
between April and June 1936 he did four dates for the reactivated 
Vocalion label under the a. and r. responsibility of Feather."

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