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Fredejazz at aol.com Fredejazz at aol.com
Mon Sep 22 12:48:47 EDT 2008

I've got a question about the composition "Yeh-Yeh" which was a hit for  
Georgie Fame in the mid '60s. Jon Hendricks recorded it and wrote the lyrics but  
Pat Patrick from the Sun Ra Arkestra shares a co-composer credit. Pat Patrick 
was the musical director of Mongo's unit when i joined  the band. He and i 
colaborated in writing "Yeh! Yeh!". It was written in a  recording studio in all 
of 15 minutes. He wrote the begin while I wrote the  bridge. Does anyone know 
if Sun Ra ever recorded  this No, he did not!!!- to my knowledge Pat Patrick  
never recorded anything outside of Sun Ra's orbit. Pat's  stint with Sun Ra 
was after he left Mongo's unit!!! One of the coolest  tunes ever, IMO. Mark is 
sayin' a lot if he thinks of it as  a cool tune!!!!! True, it is different!!!!  
Thanks for writing to me Fred.  I will be in the Catskills in a couple of 
weeks. Maybe we will be able to break  bread with a few of the guys. I'll be in 
the area for 2 days the frist week in  Oct. Take care. Bye for now.  


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