[JPL] Jazz New Releases For September 22, 2008 with George Thomas (VPR)

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Jazz New Releases For September 22, 2008 with George Thomas (VPR)

New Releases in jazz including two contemporary clarinet players each
re-writing Fats Waller & Patricia Barber singing Cole Porter.


08:00 PM
It's All Right With Me
Artist Name 	Michael Feinstein
Composer 	Cole Porter
Soloists 	Michael Feinstein-Vocals
CD/Album 	The Sinatra Project
Record co./Cat # 	Concord Records 30819-02
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

08:04 PM
East Of The Sun (and West Of The Moon)
Artist Name 	Stan Getz & Kenny Barron
Composer 	Brooks Bowman
Soloists 	Stan Getz-Tenor Sax ; Kenny Barron-Piano
CD/Album 	People Time
Record co./Cat # 	Verve 314 510823-2
Release Year 	1991

08:13 PM
Creole Nocturne
Artist Name 	Tom McDermott & Connie Jones
Composer 	Frederic Chopin
Arranger 	Tom McDermott
Soloists 	Tom McDermott-Piano ; Connie Jones-Cornet
CD/Album 	Creole Nocturne
Record co./Cat # 	Arbors Jazz Records 19366
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

08:17 PM
Night Life
Artist Name 	Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis
Composer 	Nelson-Breeland-Buskirk
Soloists 	Willie Nelson-Vocals & Guitar ; Wynton Marsalis-Trumpet ; Dan
Nimmer-Piano ; Walter Blanding-Sax ; Carlos Henriquez-Bass ; Ali
CD/Album 	Two Men With The Blues
Record co./Cat # 	Blue Note Records 04454-2
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

08:25 PM
Lullaby Of The Leaves
Artist Name 	Tal Farlow
Composer 	B.Petkere-J.Young
Soloists 	Tal Farlow-Guitar ; Claude Williamson-Piano ; Red Mitchell-Bass
CD/Album 	The Complete Verve Sessions
Record co./Cat # 	Mosaic 7-224
Release Year 	1955

08:28 PM
Pass It On
Artist Name 	Dave Holland Septet
Composer 	Dave Holland
Soloists 	Dave Holland-Bass ; Antonio Hart-Alto Sax ; Robin
Eubanks-Trombone ; Alex Sipiagin-Trumpet ; Mulgrew Miller-Piano ; Eric
CD/Album 	Pass It On
Record co./Cat # 	Decca/Dare2 Records B0011860-02
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

08:36 PM
Artist Name 	Avery Sharpe
Composer 	Yusef Lateef
Soloists 	Avery Sharpe-Bass ; John Blake-Violin ; Joe Ford-Alto & Soprano
Sax ; Onaje Allan Gumbs-Piano ; Winard Harper-Drums
CD/Album 	Legends & Mentors
Record co./Cat # 	JKNM Records 89896
Release Year 	2008
Note 	Listener Request

08:44 PM
You're In My Heart All The Time
Artist Name 	Jay Hoggard
Composer 	Jay Hoggard
Soloists 	Jay Hoggard-Vibes ; James Weidman-Piano, Organ ; Belden
Bullock-Bass ; Yoron Israel-Drums
CD/Album 	Soular Power
Record co./Cat # 	JHVM Recordings 0005
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

09:00 PM
Hey, Love
Artist Name 	Andy Bey
Composer 	Mary Rodgers, Martin Charmin
Soloists 	Andy Bey-Piano & Vocals ; Peter Washington-Bass ; Kenny
CD/Album 	Ain't Necessarily So
Record co./Cat # 	12th Street Records 9292982-2
Release Year 	1997/2007

09:10 PM
Freddie The Freeloader
Artist Name 	Generations
Composer 	Miles Davis
Soloists 	Eric Alexander-Tenor Sax ; Marcus Belgrave-Trumpet ; Jimmy
Cobb-Drums ; Ray Drummond-Bass ; Ronnie Mathews-Piano ; Andrew
Speight-Alto Sax
CD/Album 	Tough Guys
Record co./Cat # 	International Center For The Arts
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

09:21 PM
Jitterbug Waltz
Artist Name 	Anat Cohen
Composer 	Fats Waller
Arranger 	Anat Cohen
Soloists 	Anat Cohen-Clarinet ; Jason Linder-Piano
CD/Album 	Notes From The Village
Record co./Cat # 	Anzic Records 1302
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

09:30 PM
Black And Blue
Artist Name 	Aldo Romano
Composer 	Fats Waller
Soloists 	Aldo Romano-Drums ; Henri Texier-Bass ; Geraldine Laurent-Sax ;
Mauro Negri-Clarinet
CD/Album 	Just Jazz
Record co./Cat # 	Dreyfus 369202
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

09:34 PM
Wonder Why
Artist Name 	Sarah Vaughan
Composer 	S.Cahn-N.Brodszky
Soloists 	Sarah Vaughan-Vocals ; Mundell Lowe-Guitar ; George Duvivier-Bass
CD/Album 	The Complete Roulette Studio Sessions
Record co./Cat # 	Mosaic 8-214
Release Year 	1961

09:40 PM
Social Call
Artist Name 	Rob Schneiderman
Composer 	G. Gryce
Soloists 	Rob Schneiderman-Piano
CD/Album 	Glass Enclosure
Record co./Cat # 	Reservoir Music 193
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

09:47 PM
I Concentrate On You
Artist Name 	Patricia Barber
Composer 	Cole Porter
Soloists 	Patricia Barber-Piano & Vocals
CD/Album 	The Cole Porter Mix
Record co./Cat # 	Blue Note Records 01468
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

09:52 PM
The Peacocks
Artist Name 	Stan Getz presents Jimmy Rowles
Composer 	Jimmy Rowles
Soloists 	Stan Getz-Tenor Sax ; Jimmy Rowles-Piano
CD/Album 	The Peacocks
Record co./Cat # 	Columbia/Legacy 52975
Release Year 	1977

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