[JPL] Saxophonist Miguel Zenon & music critic Alex Ross Awarded MacArthur "Genius Awards"

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 23 10:08:44 EDT 2008

Miguel Zenon is truly one of the most brilliant musicians playing today. He has certainly reshaped the musical landscape...in bridging Latin music concepts with jazz. Sad that you'll never see a Zenon recording in the top ten on the Jazzweek chart. Oddly, his talent can be use as an example as to showcasing the great divide in philosophies between musicians and many radio programmers. Musicians would say the logic of his music is to deep to ignore on radio or anywhere else and many programmers would say his music doesn't make good radio as a result of the music being too deep. 

As a programmer that understands what he's doing musicially, I find a place for his music on my show because listeners need to be exposed to his talents. That's my opinion and I can only imagine what the "research" would tell me about playing his music. It's all in how you program it. My view is if they are going to tune you out because you play a Zenon piece or a bass solo...they're not going to support you anyway. A debate can be raised about the number of listeners you have vs the number of those listerners that will support you come crunch time. I present my show as an artistic venture that will challenge and not spoon feed. I've said before that "Sinnett In Session" has raised more money the past two years than All Things Consider or Morning Edition in fundraising dollars so it can be done.

 By the way, the most requested recording on my program at the moment is Lovano's masterpiece... "Symphonica." Can someone tell me where it is on the Jazzweek chart? Thanks, 

Jae Sinnett 

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> Among the 25 recipients of the $500,000 “genius awards”
> to be  
> announced on Tuesday by the John D. and Catherine T.
> MacArthur  
> Foundation are Miguel Zenón, 31, whose combination of
> Afro-Caribbean  
> and Latin American music is, in the foundation’s words,
> “creating an  
> entirely new jazz language for the 21st century” and Alex
> Ross, 40, a  
> music critic for The New Yorker and the author of "The
> Rest Is Noise,"  
> a cultural history of 20th-century music.
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