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actually, early 70's, also with Victor Paz
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Larry Grenadier on bass and  Brice Winston on tenor sax debuted at #32 on the 
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FJ  wrote <<<<< hey Arturo,  I had the distinct privilege to  work briefly in
Machito's  orch
under Mario's direction ... what a  consummate master !  Also in the band at
that time were
Chocoloate,  Roy Roman, & Charlie Camilleri. >>>>

This appears to be  the early 60s period after Doc Cheatham left the band
upon the conclusion  of their most sucessful Japanese tour, Doc went to
become the 1st trumpet  for the pre-salsa NYC Latin band, Riche Ray and Bobby
Cruz and had 2 songs  written for him, Mr Trumpet Man and Mr Trumpet Man
Returns, the former a  big crossover Top 40 pop radio hit in the
Northeast-when commercial AM  radio was still regional and the latter a
sequel that didn't do anything at  all.



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