[JPL] Boxing and Jazz

John La Barbera deaver at otherside.com
Wed Sep 24 07:11:27 EDT 2008

Jae, Wallace Roney was an avid boxer.  I interviewed him when I was 
Jazz Editor of the International Trumpet Guild Journal.  I have the 
interview in a pdf format if you want it.  John

At 09:22 PM 9/23/2008, you wrote:
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>as well as with critics.  Her tenth disc to date and featuring Lewis 
>Nash on drums, Larry Grenadier on bass and Brice Winston on tenor 
>sax debuted at #32 on the JazzWeek chart, as well as #2 most added 
>and #5 most increased play,  while showing #25 on the CMJ jazz chart 
>last week, with many reports appearing in the Top 10. Media Guide 
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>This coming Saturday evening the Sporting and Entertainment Group 
>Inc. is having the "Boxing and Jazz Awards" presentation. They want 
>to honor me with an award. Great boxers like Ken Norton, Leon 
>Spinks, Hector Camacho, George Chuvalo and many, many more will be 
>there along with MC Bert Sugar. Najee will also be honored. 
>Literally...about two hours ago they called and ask me if I could 
>give a speech on a great jazz moment. I was thinking talking about 
>how fusion came into play (thinking this would be something they 
>could relate to with artists like Miles and such) then started 
>thinking...about tying jazz in with boxing somehow.
>I know Red Garland was a great boxer as was Miles. Can anyone offer 
>up some info on a boxing/jazz connection? I think that would go over 
>great with this crowd. Any help for this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
>Jae Sinnett
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