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Derrick Lucas derrick at jazz901.org
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For years I couldn't understand why the attendance was so sparse  for the
"Concert of The Century" until recently I read that the "Fight of the
Century" was fought IN Toronto that same night in addition to being

But then again in our town years ago, Stevie Wonder played to a nearly empty
arena back in 1981 on his "Hotter Than July" tour because it was the same
day and kickoff time as the Super Bowl...

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> What always comes to mind for me in this context is the Massey Hall concert
> in Toronto by "The Quintet:" Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Bud Powell,
> Charles Mingus, and Max Roach.  It was scheduled for the same date, May 15,
> 1953, that Rocky Marciano successfully defended his heavyweight title
> against Jersey Joe Walcott.  The low turnout at Massey Hall for this VSOP
> event has long been attributed to the popularity of the fight, which was
> televised, and even Dizzy was preoccupied with it, saying that he ran back
> and forth between the stage and a bar next door to watch it.
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