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Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but wasn't Jack Johnson a bass player? 

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This coming Saturday evening the Sporting and Entertainment Group Inc. is having the "Boxing and Jazz Awards" presentation. They want to honor me with an award. Great boxers like Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, Hector Camacho, George Chuvalo and many, many more will be there along with MC Bert Sugar. Najee will also be honored. Literally...about two hours ago they called and ask me if I could give a speech on a great jazz moment. I was thinking talking about how fusion came into play (thinking this would be something they could relate to with artists like Miles and such) then started thinking...about tying jazz in with boxing somehow. 

I know Red Garland was a great boxer as was Miles. Can anyone offer up some info on a boxing/jazz connection? I think that would go over great with this crowd. Any help for this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, 

Jae Sinnett 


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