[JPL] Re:Halloween schtuph 'n thaings

Alisa Clancy alisa at kcsm.net
Wed Sep 24 13:42:45 EDT 2008

Halloweeeeen, always my favorite show of the year!  And this year a Friday
to boot!  Keep um coming'  here's my morning drive list from last year--if
this works, you can get to the KCSM list...if the link doesn't work (I
have, after all, risen to my level on incompetence here) you can get to 
www.jazzlist.org  and type in the 31st from last year--
	By the by, you guys know that if you're working records you can type in
the name of your artist and see how many REAL plays they're getting--it's
gotten hard when the singers call, "I see you're not playin' my..."  
"ahhh...yeah, we were in pledge and I forgot to keep up the list but I did
play one..."
No fibbing, no more

The Halloween playlist begins at 6am on that date

Boo to Youz,
Alisa Clancy
Host "Morning Cup of Jazz"
Operations Director  KCSM


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