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There's a great book by Canadian jazz journalist and author Mark Miller
called Cool Blues: Charlie Parker in Canada 1953  which documents both this
concert (and its relationship with the boxing match) and an earlier visit by
Bird to Montreal at the behest of the Montreal Jazz Society (which included
at that time, a young pianist named Paul 'Buzzy' Bley).  Well worth digging
up for a wealth of data about the two events.

Mark Miller has also written written about early days of jazz:
*Such melodious racket*: The lost history of jazz in Canada, 1914-1949 which
includes Jelly Roll Morton's time in Vancouver and *Some Hustling This*!:Taking
Jazz to the World, 1914-1929, principally about visits to Europe by North
American jazz musicians (with some relevance to the jazz in france thread)
... N

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 7:51 AM, Tom Reney <tr at wfcr.org> wrote:

> Derrick,
> Chicago was the site of the fight, but this was long before pay-per-view,
> so it was broadcast on television.  The 1/4 house turnout at Massey Hall?
>  Who really knows?  It was chaotic at the musicians' end, but that wouldn't
> have had any bearing on the size of the house.  Maybe it was poorly
> publicized...
> Tom Reney
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