[JPL] Jazz in France/Paris Blues

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Sat Sep 27 15:52:21 EDT 2008


Paul Gonsalves ghosted the tenor part for Sidney Poitier. For what it's worth, the original screenplay featured two inter-racial couples. Soundtrack is very good.


> In my research for my lecture on jazz in France and hearing of the death of Paul Newman... I came across something that reminded me of the film "Paris Blues." This was Paul Newman's second feature in a leading role and the film is certainly in line with my discussion. I'll have to watch it again to perhaps capture some nuances that go beyond the reasons of what we already know...as to why many jazz musicians headed to France and what happened after they got there. Don't remember if this was a fictional or non-fictional portrayal of specific musicians. Obviously many musicians headed over...enough so to give a writer a screenplay idea. The movie also presents an interesting bit of trivia...
> Paul Newman didn't play his trombone part...nor did Sidney Poitier play the saxophone. Murry MacEachern dubbed Newman's trombone parts but does any one know who dubbed Sidney's sax part for the movie? I didn't know this until recently. 
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