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eflash17 at comcast.net wrote:

> I know this has come up before, but I am seriously thinking about getting a USB turntable to move some of my vinyl to the computer for back-up and iPod reasons.  
> If you have one, do you like it?  How is the sound quality?  Is there special software I should get above and beyond what comes with the turntable?
> Thanks, 
> Flash
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I have a Numark USB turntable. I'm satisfied with it.

Why do you want a USB turntable? I bought a USB turntable when my other 
turntable died. Most turntables come with phono jacks. On a PC you can 
plug the phono jacks into the Line In of your computer's sound card. You 
might need to buy a stereo 'Y" cord from Radio Shack because your 
turntable will have a right and left output. You simply plug the phono 
jacks into a "Y" with a male mini plug and then plug the mini plug into 
your computer's soundcard. You may need a pre-amp. You have to use one 
with some turntables.

I can't say much about software since I use Linux and my guess is that 
you don't use Linux. My turntable came with some software named Audacity 
which I already used. When I used Windows, I had CD burning software. It 
was a popular package but I don't remember the name. It came with 
software to use to copy your lps to CD. If you have CD burning software, 
check to see if it also will work with converting your lps to CD.

The USB turntables are useful but if you have a working turntable 
already, you might not want to spend the money.

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