[JPL] Will current economic woes affect membershio drives? if so what are...

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<<..What was there goal?  Time is relative to the amount of  money they were 
Actually, it's most relevant to the previous goal and the size of the  
market, that's why I didn't say the number. That is, if it took them 3.5 days to  
raise $650K last time, and 5.3 days to raise $800K this time, it's more than the 
 actual number that is relevant. It's the growth, the season (lots of 
tourists  here in summertime), etc. So, the relevant comparison might be to September 
By the way, the numbers in the preceding paragraph were approximately the  
nut they were cracking, at least last week. I've forgotten what they raised in  
the summer, let alone last September.


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