[JPL] Will current economic woes affect membershio drives? if sowhat are you doing?

Blaise Lantana blaise.lantana at riomail.maricopa.edu
Tue Sep 30 19:22:10 EDT 2008

Here at KJZZ we are doing something different.  

We are mainly a news/npr station with jazz starting at 8pm.  Because of the
election coverage and the state of the economy we don't want to spend a lot
of air time on fundraising, we'd rather bring you the information and news
that you want.  At least that is the promo we are using to have a ONE day
drive.  Previous to the drive we are doing plenty of awareness promos and
encouraging people to give on line.  Fundraising will run from 6 am to 6pm
so jazz will not be involved.  We usually raise around $600,000 on air.
That is not counting mail and we spend zero on premiums, don't use them at
all, so that is our net gain.  Our bigger donors, like $25,000 would come
through mail and development contact, not on air, so I'd guess it might be
harder coming up with challenges, like the one Jae mentioned.

So we'll see how it goes with the one day drive.  My PD Scott Williams is
very organized about the on air fund drive, and uses our highest number
shows, like Morning Edition to good advantage.  

A lot probably depends on what the stock market prospecive is in two weeks
when we do the drive.

Blaise Lantana
Music Director
KJZZ Phoenix

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