[JPL] Chanukkah Jazz CD'zz Suggestionzz????????

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Mon Dec 7 08:19:14 EST 2009

Of course Kat Parra's 'Hanukia' track....swings very hard....it's the
Chanukkah single I sent out to everybody, from her upcoming 'Dos Amantes' CD

Crossover Media
Max Horowitz
max at crossovermedia.net

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Is there a name for this dialect? It seems more difficult to type  than 
standard English (it's certainly more difficult to read), so I'm wondering  
what's the purpose.
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Howzzit  ~~~~ I've been led 2 B'lieve that there'zz not much
Chanukkah Jazz out  there in the lexicon 'cause it doesn't swing, the
instrumentation ain't  jazzy, & the repetoire is limited. Any
suggestionzz/citationzz fer  specific releasezz?


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