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Sat Jan 3 04:06:32 EST 2009

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Sex Mob, Pygmy Suite (Sexotica) 2006
Alex Sipiagin, title  (Out Of The Circle)   2007
Andrew Hill, 15/8  (Dusk)  1999
Angelica Sanchez, Federico  (Life Between)  2008
Arthur Blythe, Bush Baby  (Hipmotism)   1991
Baikida Carroll, Marionettes On A High Wire  (Marionettes On A High Wire)

Billy Bang Quintet Featuring Frank Lowe, Dark Silhouette (Above & Beyond)
Sam Sadigursky, It Takes A Nail [Andrew Boyd]  (Words Project II)   2008
Ted Nash, Lujon  (The Mancini Project)    2008
Spencer Brewer, Satie's Forgotten Dream (Cinematic)    2008
Shirlette Ammons, title  (John Anonymous)    2008
Roy Hargrove Quintet, Strasbourg/St. Denis  (Earfood)    2008

Peter Sommer, Shoshin  (Crossroads)    2008
Avishai Cohen, Cycles: The Sun, The Moon and The Awakening Earth (Flood)
Charles Lloyd, Prometheus (Rabo de Nube) 2008
Susanne Abbuehl, Sea, Sea! [James Joyce] (Compass) 2006
Jeb Bishop/Harris Eisenstady/Jason Roebke, Round Two (Tiebreaker) 2006
William Parker Quartet, Groove Sweet (Petit Oiseau) 2008
Papa Mali, True Religion (Do Your Thing) 2007

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