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Vinyl Side of Midnight 2009

This is the playlist for this week’s Vinyl Side of Midnight, which can be heard on 89.7 FM WLNZ in the Greater Lansing area, or you can tune in internationally on the web on www.wlnz.org  - hosted by Mike Stratton, Sunday nights, 9- midnight, Eastern Standard Time  
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We lost a good one last week. Believe it or not, I was going to start the year with one of my “Living Legends” show featuring Freddie Hubbard. I’d heard that he was in ill health. Freddie Hubbard launched onto the jazz landscape in the late 50’s with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers (after playing with several other, lesser known bands).  Over the next dozen years or so he would play on some of the finest sessions – ranging from hard bop to the avante garde.  Hubbard suffered a serious lip injury around 1990.  But tonight’s show draws tunes from the peak of his creativity, his heroic stance, and some of the hottest music from the 1960s.

Cantaloupe Island from Herbie Hancock’s Empyrean Isles (Blue Note)
Free For All from Art Blakey & The Jazz Messenger’s Free For All (Blue Note)
We open with a funky number of Hancock’s, that you may recognize as a source of the sample from US3’s rap hit “Cantaloop” a number of years back; then launch into a ferocious (I’m not kidding) hard bop tune by Blakey.
Stolen Moments from Oliver Nelson’s The Blues & The Abstract Truth (Impulse)
Witch Hunt from Wayne Shorter’s Speak No Evil (Blue Note)
Next up is the title track from a terribly under appreciated gem from the 60s, followed by an excellent example of Wayne Shorter’s freebop.

West 22nd Street Theme from Bobby Hutcherson’s Components (Blue Note)
I Was Doing All Right from Dexter Gordon’s Doin’ Allright (Blue Note)
Hubbard contributes mightily to very good sessions by Hutcherson and Dex.

Red Clay from Freddie Hubbard’s Red Clay (CTI)
Maiden Voyage from Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage (Blue Note)
Red Clay is a funky masterpiece.  Maiden Voyage may be the finest piece of music Herbie Hancock has ever recorded.  A transcendant set.

Body & Soul from The Body & Soul of Freddie Hubbard (Impulse)
Children of The Night from Art Blakey & The Jazz Messenger’s Buhaina’s Delight (Blue Note)
Two fine examples of the breadth of Hubbard – from poignancy to swing.  

One For Five - Charlie Rouse from The Lost Sessions (Blue Note)
Gaslight from Duke Pearson’s Sweet Honey Bee (Blue Note)
A couple of rarities that are worth staying up for.

East Broadway Rundown from Sonny Rollin’s Reevaluation: The Impulse Years (Impulse)
Sonny Rollins enlists Hubbard to spar with Coltrane’s rhythm section of Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones on this 20 minute cut.  The melody is infectious and the front line play a kind of hide and seek, starting and stopping and finishing each other’s ideas.

Out To Lunch  from Eric Dolphy’s Out To Lunch (Blue Note)
Catta  from Bobby Hutcherson’s Dialogue (Blue Note)
Another set devoted to the avante garde sessions of Freddie Hubbard.  Both classics.  If I had time, I’d throw in Ornette Coleman’s “Free Jazz” and John Coltrane’s “Ascension”.  Hubbard was a warrior of the “New Thing” at one time.

Take Your Pick from Hank Mobley’s Roll Call (Blue Note)
The Turnaround from Hank Mobley’s The Turnaround (Blue Note)
Two more examples of Hubbard playing the changes over some great hard bop.

You & The Night & The Music
When You Wish Upon A Star both from Bill Evan’s Interplay (Riverside)
We finish the night with beautiful interpretations by Bill Evans, featuring guitarist Jim Hall.  Hubbard is ultimately a hopeless romantic.

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