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taint town live 01-05-09
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Chicago Jazz Philharmonic [Orbert Davis], West End Blues/Weatherbird
(Collective Creativity) 2008
Anthony Brown's Orchestra, Rhapsody in Blue/American Rhapsodies (Rhapsodies)
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society, Ferromagnetic (Live at La Poisson Rouge)
Kayhan Kalhor w/Brooklyn Rider, Parvaz (Silent City) 2008
Julia Hulsmann Trio, Quint (The End of a Summer) 2008
Pierre Dorge New Jungle Orchestra, Lost In The Desert I See A.../Caravan
(Live at Birdland) 2006
Michael Pedicin Quintet, L.A. to Philly (Everything starts now...) 2007
New Jazz Composers Octet, New [Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego] (The Turning
Gate) 2008

Carla Bley Big Band, I Hadn't Anyone (Appearing Nightly) 2008
Mary Halvorson Trio, Sweeter Than You (Dragon's Head) 2008
Chris Potter, Chief Seattle (Song for Anyone) 2008
The Cinematic Orchestra w/Fontella Bass, Evolution (Every Day) 2002
Kidd Jordan, Last of the Chicken Wings (Palm of Soul) 2006
Matt Haimovitz & Geoffrey Burleson, Sonata for Cello & Piano [Elliott
Carter] (Odd Couple) 2008

Esborn Svensson Trio, title (Leucocyte) 2008
Sonny Rollins, Some Enchanged Evening (Road Shows, vol. 1) 2008
Ellery Eskelin/Andrea Parkins/Jim Black, Sequence/Consequence-1&2 (The
Secret Museum) 2000
Marty Ehrlich & Myra Melford, A Generation Comes and Another Goes/I See a
Horizon (Spark!) 2007

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