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Jazz For Tuesday January 6, 2009 with George Thomas


08:00 PM
East Of The Sun
Artist Name 	Carmen McRae
Composer 	Brooks Bowman
Soloists 	Carmen McRae-Vocals ; Ray Bryant-Piano
CD/Album 	I'll Be Seeing You
Record co./Cat # 	GRP/Decca 647-2
Release Year 	1957

08:03 PM
Artist Name 	Jimmy Rowles
Composer 	E. Durham-E. Battle
Soloists 	Jimmy Rowles-Piano ; Red Mitchell-Bass ; Art Mardigan-Drums
CD/Album 	The Pacific Jazz Piano Trios
Record co./Cat # 	Mosaic Select 019
Release Year 	1954

08:08 PM
Artist Name 	James Hunter
Composer 	James Hunter
Soloists 	James Hunter-Vocals & Guitar
CD/Album 	The Hard Way
Record co./Cat # 	Hear Music/Go Records 30669
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

08:12 PM
Dear Old Stockholm
Artist Name 	Miles Davis & John Coltrane
Composer 	Trad.
Arranger 	Stan Getz
Soloists 	Miles Davis-Trumpet ; John Coltrane-Tenor Sax ; Red
Garland-Piano ; Paul Chambers-Bass ; Philly Joe Jones-Drums
CD/Album 	The Complete Columbia Recording 1955-61
Record co./Cat # 	Columbia/Legacy 90922
Release Year 	1956

08:23 PM
Something To Live For
Artist Name 	Carmen McRae
Composer 	Billy Strayhorn / Duke Ellington
Soloists 	Carmen McRae-Vocals ; Billy Strayhorn-Piano
CD/Album 	I'll Be Seeing You
Record co./Cat # 	GRP/Decca 2-647-2
Release Year 	1955

08:26 PM
The Mooche
Artist Name 	Dizzy Gillespie
Composer 	Duke Ellington
Soloists 	Dizzy Gillespie-Trumpet ; Leo Wright-Alto Sax ; Lalo
Schifrin-Piano ; Bob Cunningham-Bass ; Chuck Lampkin-Drums
CD/Album 	The Verve/Philips Small Group Sessions
Record co./Cat # 	Mosaic 7-234
Release Year 	1961

08:37 PM
Artist Name 	Cassandra Wilson
Composer 	Juan Tizol, Duke Ellington
Soloists 	Cassandra Wilson-Vocals ; Jason Moran-Piano ; Marvin Sewell-Guitar
CD/Album 	Loverly
Record co./Cat # 	Blue Note Records 07699 2
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

08:43 PM
(I Would Do) Anything For You
Artist Name 	The Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet with special guests John
Allred & Scott Hamilton
Composer 	Alex Hill, Bob Williams, Claude Hopkins
Soloists 	Harry Allen-Tenor Sax ; Joe Cohn-Guitar ; John Allred-Trombone ;
Scott Hamilton-Tenor Sax
CD/Album 	Stompin' The Blues
Record co./Cat # 	Arbors Jazz Records 19353
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

08:51 PM
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Artist Name 	Eliane Elias
Composer 	George & Ira Gershwin
Soloists 	Eliane Elias-Piano & Vocals
CD/Album 	Bossa Nova Stories
Record co./Cat # 	Blue Note Records 28103 2
Release Year 	2009
Note 	New

08:55 PM
I Wished On The Moon
Artist Name 	Teddy Wilson
Composer 	D. Parker-R. Rainger
Soloists 	Teddy Wilson-Piano
CD/Album 	With Billie In Mind
Record co./Cat # 	Chiaroscuro Records 111
Release Year 	1972

09:01 PM
Criss Cross
Artist Name 	The Blue Note 7
Composer 	Thelonious Monk
Soloists 	Nicholas Payton-Trumpet ; Steve Wilson-Alto Sax ; Ravi
Coltrane-Tenor Sax ; Peter Bernstein-Guitar ; Bill Charlap-Piano ; Lewis
CD/Album 	Mosaic
Record co./Cat # 	Blue Note Records 28123 2
Release Year 	2009
Note 	New

09:08 PM
The Sweetest Sounds
Artist Name 	Kelley Johnson
Composer 	Richard Rodgers
Soloists 	Kelley Johnson-Vocals
CD/Album 	Home
Record co./Cat # 	Sapphire 7613
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

09:13 PM
Body And Soul
Artist Name 	Ofer Assaf
Composer 	Johnny Green
Soloists 	Ofer Assaf-Tenor Sax ; Theo Hill-Piano ; Don Pate-Bass ; Bruce
CD/Album 	Tangible Reality
Record co./Cat # 	Summit Records 508
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

09:22 PM
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
Artist Name 	Charles Mingus
Composer 	Charles Mingus
Soloists 	Charles Mingus-Piano, Bass ; Ted Curson-Trumpet ; Eric
Dolphy-Alto Sax ; Booker Ervin-Tenor Sax ; Dannie Richmond-Drums
CD/Album 	Passions Of A Man
Record co./Cat # 	Rhino/Atlantic 72871
Release Year 	1960

09:34 PM
Just Like You
Artist Name 	Joshua Redman
Soloists 	Joshua Redman-Tenor Sax
CD/Album 	Compass
Record co./Cat # 	Nonesuch 510844-2
Release Year 	2009
Note 	New

09:42 PM
Washington Square Park
Artist Name 	Anat Cohen
Composer 	Anat Cohen
Soloists 	Anat Cohen-Clarinet ; Jason Linder-Piano ; Omer Avital-Bass ;
Daniel Freedman-Drums
CD/Album 	Notes From The Village
Record co./Cat # 	Anzic Records 1302
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

09:52 PM
I Thought About You
Artist Name 	Will Patton Ensemble
Composer 	Mercer, Van Heusen
Soloists 	Will Patton-Mandolin
CD/Album 	6th St. Runaround
Record co./Cat # 	Kings Hill Music 04193
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

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