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BTW, to all of you that have input into programming, please try to make a space for R&B Chronicles. Excellent program and our listeners love it! What public radio needs more of. keep up the great work, Jae.  all shows available through PRX.
BH Hudson
Interim PD/Music Director

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Should have also mentioned earlier that the new season for "The R&B Chronicles" kicks off this Friday evening with the great Johnnie Taylor. Next week, the Ice Man...Jerry Butler. Quincy Jones, Patti LaBelle, Ashford & Simpson, Bobby Womack and many, many more on the horizon. The show is doing very well with many stations now picking it up off of the PRX web site. You can listen by going to www.whrv.org. All the programs...including my jazz shows are on Demand. The Chronicles you can hear for a week...until the next show. Thanks,

Jae Sinnett


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