[JPL] First Look: iTunes Plus

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First Look: iTunes Plus
iTunes now offers DRM-free songs encoded at a higher bit rate -- here's what
to expect from the upgraded store
by Christopher Breen, Playlist Magazine

A month ago, Apple and EMI announced that the record label would offer its
entire catalog sans digital rights management protection at the iTunes Store
sometime in May. With just a full day left in the month, Apple made good on
the promise, adding these unprotected tracks‹termed iTunes Plus‹to its
online digital media store Wednesday. As expected, individual unprotected
tracks are available for $1.29 per track while albums are offered at the
same price as the protected version. Individual protected tracks continue to
be priced at 99-cents per track.

I¹ve spent the better part of the morning cruising the Store¹s aisles to see
just how iTunes Plus works. Here¹s what I¹ve learned.


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