[JPL] RE: Blue Note Titles Going OOP

Susan Reeves susan at susanreeves.net
Wed Jan 7 21:30:47 EST 2009

Has anyone checked out the titles on the page linked below in Flash's orig. post?   Is that site affiliated with Blue Note -  ie is there any chance that the info is not true?  
The list includes "Herbie Nichols Complete Blue Note Recordings", which if discontinued would really push him even more into obscurity since that's one of  the only recordings.  What a tragedy.


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eflash17 at comcast.net 
Fri Dec 26 14:24:41 EST 2008  
RE: Blue Note Titles Going OOP

Just got this email from True Blue Music: 

"A large number of superb titles from the Blue Note labels will go out of print by the end of this year. So you don't miss out on albums that you have been intending to purchase, here is a list of some of the casualties of 2008. To ease the squeeze, we have put a number of these titles on sale."

The full list can be found here: http://www.truebluemusic.com/products.asp?dept=17&deptname=Last%20Chance  

Some truly great albums by some very important artists...

- Flash 

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