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Hal Willner & Robert Quine, Pithecanthropus Erectus (Weird Nightmare:
Meditations on Mingus) 1992
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society, Ferromagnetic (Live at Le Poisson Rouge)
Kayhan Kalhor w/Brooklyn Rider, Parvaz (Silent City) 2008
Kate Hammett-Vaughan, title (Poor Boy: Songs Of Nick Drake) 2004
Jacob Young, title, (Sideways) 2007
If You Lose Your Money James Harman (Extra Napkins (Strictly The Blues) Vol.
1) 1988
Dr. John, Swanee River Boogie/My Key Don't Fit w/Ronnie Burns (All by
Hisself: Live at the Lone Star Cafe) 2003
Janis Borla, Throw It Away (Agents Of Change) 2003
Jason Moran, Ringing My Phone (Straight Outta Istanbul) (The Bandwagon
[Live]) 2002

The Residents, Constantanople (Duck Stab) 1978
Charles Lloyd Quartet, Prometeus (Rabo de Nube) 2008
Corey Wilkes, Searchin; (Drop It) 2008
Hank Roberts, title (Black Pastels) 2002
Pierre Dorge New Jungle Orchestra, Moonlight in the Woods (Whispering
Elephants) 2008
Ramiro Musotto, Caminho (Sudaka) 2005
Pierre Dorge New Jungle Orchestra, title (Whispering Elephants) 2008
Susanne Abbuehl, Sea, Sea! (Compass) 2006
Moppa Elliott's Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Aspers (Mostly Other
People Do the Killing) 2005

The Neckbones, Crack Whore Blues (Not The Same Old Blues Crap)
Little Walter, I Hate To See You Go  1955
David S. Ware, Corridors & Parallels (Corridors & Parallels) 2001
Matt Ulery's Loom, Scott Free (Music Box Ballerina) 2008
Julia Hulsmann Trio, Last One Out (The End of a Summer) 2008
Louis Sclavis, Palabre (L'imperfait des langues) 2007
Mario Pavone Double Tenor Quintet, title (Ancestors) 2008
Shakers n' Bakers, In me Canoe (Yearning for Zion) 2008
Paul Shapiro, Utt-Da-Zay (Essen) 2008
Yoon Sun Choi & Jacob Sacks, Not Much of a Dog (Imagination: The Music of
Joe Raposo) 2008

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