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Sad, sad news...  It looks like those long, cold winters will be even longer
and colder for jazz fans in search of their favorite music on broadcast
radio in Minnesota.

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Subject: [JPL] Thirty-six years of jazz programming on Minnesota Public
Radio came to an end this afternoon

MPR cuts jazz program
By Pamela Espeland | Published Tue, Jan 6 2009 4:59 pm
Thirty-six years of jazz programming on Minnesota Public Radio came to an
end this afternoon, when Maryann Sullivan was let go as budget cutbacks at
MPR continue.
Sullivan had served as host and music programmer of ³The Jazz Connection,²
heard Saturdays from 9 p.m.-midnight, for the past 15 months. She spent
close to 12 years at MPR in a variety of roles including news, voice work
and preparing the jazz calendar for Leigh Kamman¹s show ³The Jazz Image.²
When Kamman signed off in late 2007 after 34 years, Sullivan was tapped for
³The Jazz Connection.²
³It was a blast for me ‹ hardly like work,² Sullivan told MinnPost. ³It was
a thing of love, a thing of joy for me to be there every Saturday night.²
Not only is it a bad time to be out of a job, it is also, Sullivan says,
³sad for me as a jazz fan because jazz is no longer on the air at MPR. There
was a small if devoted audience to the music. ... I got a lot of email every
week. I would often get one saying, ŒI was not a jazz fan until I heard your
show. Thank you for playing this music.¹
³I appreciate that MPR gave me the opportunity to do this for 15 months, but
I will miss it, personally and professionally.²
Sullivan was given the option to do a farewell show but turned it down. ³I
wasn¹t sure I could get through it, to be quite honest. I thought, ŒWhat
would I say?¹ ²
³The Jazz Connection² will be replaced by Dale Connelly¹s ³Radio Heartland,²
which features acoustic, Americana and roots music.

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