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Thu Jan 8 16:18:12 EST 2009

Whichever artist you've enjoyed listening to more in the past. As far  
as "letting the music speak for itself," jazz albums, like rock, have  
long had a history of putting photographs of pretty, sometimes  
scantily-clad women on the cover. Though most often, not of the actual  
album artist, themselves. Cal Tjader's original Ritmo Caliente and Mas  
Ritmo Caliente albums are just two examples. I've often picked up  
albums of artists I wasn't familiar with BECAUSE of the LP art,  
whether it was a picture of a woman or not. Moacir Santos' Maestro is  
an example of that. If we really want to let the music speak for  
itself, why aren't we happy with jazz CD's coming  to us without cover  
art, track and personnel lists and, most (or least) importantly, LINER  
We programmers desire (or require) as much information as can be  
supplied or gathered on the music we play, as we are in not just the  
entertainment business but the education business. We should applaud  
more information being included in release packaging, rather than  
raise an issue that we, ourselves, cannot support in good conscience.

Toby Gleason
Santa Rosa, CA
On Jan 8, 2009, at 12:53 PM, jazzproglist at jazzweek.com wrote:

> Dear Jazz Radio Royalty,
> I have a problem. Maybe you can help me with it.
> I just received the new Elaine Elias and Jane Monheit CDs.
> Eliane's has eight color photos of her. One is a back view of her  
> "gams"
> (legs for those of you not in the know).
> Lots of cleavage in the others and one has her posed, legs spread,  
> around
> a wire back chair.
> Quite a spread!
> Jane's CD has only five color photos of her. Mostly close up head  
> shots.
> Not much cleavage, The back tray card does feature, however, a  
> mussed up
> pillow and unmade bed.
> My question:
> Which CD should I listen to first???
> By the way, what ever happened to letting the music speak for itself.
> Cynically Yours,
> Steve Schwartz
> Jazz from Studio Four
> Friday, 8p-midnight
> WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
> www.wgbh.org/jazz
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